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Following the success of the three seminars in Zagreb, Belgrade and Tuzla over the past nine months, we would like to announce the building of a network working on queer issues from a green perspective! At the moment we have the following political platform (see below) and more details (to be announced very soon). There will soon a be a call out for individuals who are keen to get involved in organising the first assembly and coordinating the network, which will be organised on a direct democratic basis.


Right now, one important decision we have to make is choosing a name. If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to contact us and we will add them to the list, before the final decision is made at the end of January.


Political Platform

We, a diverse gathering of young, interested, queer activists and organisations, are committed to opening a space for queer voices in collaborative activities and discussions. We address these issues using green principles including direct democracy, gender equality, environmental and social justice, non-violence and respect for diversity.

We tackle these issues from an anti-nationalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal perspective and consider the intersections of different forms of oppression including class, race, gender, and ability among many others.

We understand ourselves as a pan-European network with a history and a strong commitment to the South-Eastern European region.

We want to improve the socio-political and legislative situation of LGTBQ+ population and to raise awareness concerning existing discrimination and violence.

We are open to cooperation with all individuals and groups that share our principles and aims. We want to reach out to grass-root activists as well as to formal political institutions. We aim to develop the network and to provide capacity-building opportunities. We promote mutual understanding creating safe space for people from different backgrounds and levels of involvement and knowledge.

We are born naked, the rest is drag!


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