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The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) together with its Turkish Member Organisation- the Turkish Young Greens and with the support of the FYEG Gender working group calls for justice for Pinar Selek, a sociologist, activist and writer. Because of her human rights work and activism she has been a victim of the Turkish juridical system for more than 14 years.pinar

Terry Reintke, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG says ‘Pinar Selek has been imprisoned and tortured, she has been discharged three times but is still facing lifetime imprisonment. It seems that the authorities try to silence this very important voice for Human Rights in Turkey”.

When refusing to give the names of the people she interviewed during her research on the Kurds in Turkey, Pinar was tortured, while the entire process was covered with false reports and additional accusations on other cases, in which there are evidence that she had been unjustly accused.

Onur Fidangul, activist from the Turkish Young Greens states: “With all irregularities and human rights violations this case is nothing more than a crime itself, a try to oppress and threat all those who are standing up for human rights and the rights of most marginalized and discriminated.

We are strongly expressing our solidarity and calling for international support from our Member Organizations and other human rights organizations and institutions to express solidarity and play their role in stopping this madness.


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