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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Researches shows that internalization of homophobia something that almost everybody experienced on him/herself because we grow up in society who produces negative opinions and prejudice.

Internalization of homophobia is almost inevitable consequence of growing up in heteronormative and homophobic society. Children from young age soup views of their closest society. They see world through simplified dimension “good-bad”, and most of prejudices and words who are connected with same-sex relationships are negative in their contexts, from early age they learn that homosexuality is “something very bad and unwanted” . Faced with awakening their own personality and identity, some of them finds out that they also belong to the “bad part of society” . You can see than feeling of guilt, shame and other emotions in which dominates not-accepting and fury toward themself. If that young person be exposed to the different kinds of violence or be witness of violence against other gay people, often they will accuse themself, and not violent surroundings. If person had support and found way to carry this out, on that it’ll depend his/her later behavior toward self.

Phenomena of autohomophobia is not connected only to LGBT population. In social psychology there is term known as syndrome of self-hate, founded in members of different groups exposed to stigmatization from society (Afro-American, Jews, Roma people, people with some medical conditions, other ethical, gender and other minorities) . Often, children take this  negative stereotypes and they start hating group they belong to. Internalization of homophobia can be defined as set of negative attitude and feelings toward homosexual persons and toward own homosexuality. It affects on forming of identity, developing self-respect, psychological integrity and behavior toward other people. If it is extremely expressed, she can bring person to depression,  not-trusting and loneliness, difficulties in sexual life, abuse of psychoactive drugs, even suicidal thoughts.

It’s usual for LGBT persons to collect negative prejudice about homosexuality, so developing of healthy identity and self respect is basically on how he/she is going to deal with it. Some persons, whole their life will live life hating other LGBTQ persons, putting all blame and responsibility for violence they all experience on LGBTQ! Even shallow look on dating sites will reveal a contest full of hate, stigmatization, and charges against LGBTQ people. This can be understood as method of defense mechanism: “If i spit on other people- i am not them” . Insulting those who are more feminine, promiscuous, out, sick and labeling them with all bunch of worst stereotypes from heteronormative society, persons insures himself that he is not like rest (bad), finding that how justification of their existence. But, not all critics from LGBT society toward LGBT people expression of internalisation of homophobia!