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As we said in former post, our third child was on it’s way and it happily gather our family again. It is BORN!



Third part of seminar is holding place in Tuzla – Bosnia and Herzegovina and is proud   to be named: “Queering Balkans: Youth for equal love!” Our happy and colorful family will be together until Monday 17th.

In period from 12.12. – 17.12. various topics will be discussed in our will for straightening queer and green platforms.  In thanks to our beautiful speakers we are even more motivated in our journey of finding better paths for queering and greening our world.

One of the goals during the seminar, and after it, is establishing NETWORK that will support and connect Balkan LGBT+ organisations, Young green associations with other great organisations from all over the Europe. How will the network work? What will be the result of our meetings and workshops?

We will provide you with answers soon 😀

Right now, we need to concentrate on delicious topic of discussing the street action.


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  1. Is the baby boy or a boy? :)))

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