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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Shamballa prep-team already has a good looking provisional agenda!

And we are going to tease you with the information about couple of activities we have planned for you.

4  working days will be full of sessions about important topics, discussions and debates with experts, group works, LGBTQ issues related action and that is not all…

We will try to challenge gender identity and explore different theoretical approaches with our guest speaker on the day two. Next session day will include a lecture titled “Queer theory, language resistance, struggles on the body”. Also, we will learn about existing local activism in Balkans and talk about common experiences and difficulties that we  come across everywhere in Europe. On the last working day our statement, created by the participants, will be presented, discussed and voted!

Our special attention still goes to the panel discussion, which is open for everyone and is planned to be covered by national and international media. We are still negotiating with the speakers for the open discussions. They will represent governmental and non-governmental institutions and give us an objective reflection of current situation in Croatia.

Last but not least, I can not wait to tell you about the time, when queer Croatian moon substitutes the April sun… Obviously I am talking about the parties! So it is about the time to wake your inner party-beasts.


The Shamballa prep-team has gathered in Zagreb to select participants and taste delicious Croatian honey Rakia. We happily did both.

We got around 80 applications from Europe and 1 from Pakistan. It was surprisingly nice to see this amount of interest towards our seminar. We were supposed to make sure, that the group consisting of 25 participants was regionally and gender-wise  perfectly balanced!

People from different organizational background had various purposes of participation.  Some wanted to make their activism more effective, when others wanted to “explore their sexuality”!

Unfortunately, we did not have rooms for everybody in Zagreb 😦 Therefore, we reminded applicants that there will be two others seminars on the issue in Belgrade in September and Tuzla in December this year. Yay. We also encourage you, readers of this blog, to apply for these seminars. You will get further information  if you join our mailing list on

We are looking forward to seeing the participants in Zagreb soon!


…And there were five! …And they were named as Shambala Prep-team!

Terry (Germany) is a super-co-spokesperson of the Federation of  Young European Greens and Gender Working Group super-member. She loves queers and beers! She is going to make the seminar super-exciting for our super-participants! woohoo

Dragana (Macedonia) is CDN and the FYEG Gender Working Group member. She is a feminist so watch out… She ❤ pigeons. So take her to the places, where all the pigeons walk peacefully and she will be hysterically happy!

Onur (Turkey) works for Greenpeace.  His idol is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk!  He was named as the best dressed student in Bennington college, Vermont, US. 😉 He can not roll his own tobacco, so if you can – ruuuuuun!

Gio (Georgia) works for Greens Party. He is responsible for this awesome blog. He loves random hugs, so bring your fancy hug techniques with you. He also has some dance moves and is ready to use them anytime.

Morana (Croatia) is a local hipster girl. She is the Executive Committee member of Cooperation and Development Network. She has a thing for cats and naked vegans!


Greetings from Shamballas!


The Federation of Young European Greens unites motivated youngsters from all over Europe. We share beliefs and values… Green values, we thus recognize the equality among people as a basic principle of humanity.

Green ideology is being widely spread in the world nowadays, although issues such as discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity remains a big problem. Especially, in the regions such as Balkans, which goes through a dramatic transformation.

The FYEG  identifies itself as a Queer and Feminist network and this is why we try to promote idea of equality among young, open-minded people. Therefore, our gender working group came up with an idea to organize series of seminars in Balkan region, on LGBTQ issues. This aims to engage hundreds of young people from the continent into the battle against homophobia/transphobia and other gender-related issues.

First up in a row is a seminar in Zagreb, Croatia. The title of the seminar is  “Queering Green Theory/Greening Queer Theory” and it is being organised by Green European Foundation with the support of FYEG in cooperation with Heinrich Boll Foundation Croatia and with the financial support of the European Parliament. During this first seminar we want to discuss the academic and activist dimension of Queer Theory. We want to assess questions such as: What does it mean to “be gay or Lesbian”? How is it connected with broader concepts such as sexuality, identity, bodiness etc.? How can we as Greens address LGTBQ as a Human Rights issue?

The seminar is set for April 11th.