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Federation of Young European Greens first “Balkan Brussels Pride” was a full success! Thanks to all the activists that joined us and a big thanks to all our partners Çavaria, Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie, Rainbowhouse Brussels, Jong Groen!, DWARS, écolo j and déi jonk gréng. This is a picture of the demonstration infront of the Macedonian Embassy:
“Recently a homophobic campaign by the Macedonian Government was triggered which saw the LGBT+ community discriminated and deprived of their most basic human rights. We as FYEG do not tolerate these grave human rights violations and will fight together with our partners for LGBT+ rights in Macedonia” says Philippe Schockweiler from FYEG Executive Committee.

BRUSSELS BALKAN PRIDE – We march for the rights of Balkan LGBT+ people!

Federation of Young European Green, Jong Groen, Ecolo J, Rainbowhouse, Belgian Pride, DWARS, déi jonk gréng, Arc-en-ciel Walloon and Çavaria together with their partners and supporters will gather tomorrow in front of the Macedonian Embassy to protest against the harsh treatment and human rights violations against the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, intersex etc.) community in Macedonia, presented in the homophobic campaign conducted by the Macedonian government and their partners. After that part of the demonstrators will move towards the Serbian Embassy to protest against the ban of the gay pride in October this year and voice out the dreadful human rights violations on behalf of the LGBT+ community in Serbia.

“We urge the concerned governments to apply their own laws on anti-discrimination and not arbitrary deprive the LGBT+ community of their human rights. We are concerned about the recent developments and hate-crime waves especially in Macedonia. We call for an immediate end of state-organized, -endorsed and tolerated violence against the LGBT+ community.” say the organizers.

“Since the pride marches are with rare exception all banned in the Balkan, we will march tomorrow in the streets of Brussels for the rights of our fellow LGBT+ community and we will show international solidarity for our friends in the Balkans” say the organizing bodies of the demonstration.

On behalf of the Brussels Balkan Pride,

Philippe Schockweiler,
Committee Member, FYEG
Federation of European Young Greens