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Gay Liberation Movement and the Left: comrades and opponents was the title of the lecture that opened the morning session of day two at QGT/GQT seminar in Belgrade. The lecturer, Dušan Marković from Belgrade University, gave us a theoretical insight in history of homosexuality, tracing it’s root in the French Revolution and abolition of anti-sodomy laws, when homosexuality was founded as an embodied practice and a social construct. Theoretical framework on which Marković based his research mostly follows the thought of Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Tracing homosexuality from the French Revolution to contemporary times we can see two different historical approaches to it, one trying to explain it as a different category among humans, “the third sex”, different from female and male, and the other explaining homosexuality as a variation of human sexuality. In the lecture the author gave us the point of view on homosexuality of authors such as de Sade, Marx, Engels, Wilde, Freud and political philosophies such as of French Revolution, Socialism, October Revolution, Nazism and Communism.

Theoretical framework of the lecture was mostly based on Foucault History of Sexuality.

In the conclusion author compared Stonewall movement form 1969 and contemporary pride manifestation stating their different political standpoints. From the point of view of the Left the author criticise the pride organisation for the lack of critical position towards capitalism, for the politics of identity/particularity, commercialisation and restoration of conservative values of marriage and family.

In the short discussion rise the issue of lack of lesbian perspective of the whole presentation as it was exclusively based on men sexuality.