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Readers and Books

During the first day of the LGBT Belgrade Seminar we had also the chance to experience the Living Library – “Welcome in the Orient of Europe”. Functioning in an incredible creative way, some of us became readers and some books, divided then into groups and start “reading a book”.  With topics such as queer art, the path of LGBT in Albania, or actual debates on renewing the Slovenian family, the group tried to catch as more as possible from each book, by doing questions and talking to the book. The process was about to change so everybody could read at least two books.

Some of the participants, amazed by the book they were reading and having conversations in three, in the end wrote a book review. One wrote the book which was talking about parents who were abusing their daughter because of her sexual lesbian orientation. The couple (fathers) were isolating her in the house and following her to the school and everywhere she was about to go. Also they were taking her to the churches to “heal” her. Luckily she left home for studies.

“Interesting story about violence of parents when they found out their daughter is lesbian. Then we talked about J.Lo, Madonna and Cher because Vugar turned out to be reading the book”.

Arber read a book about the queer artists, a new age in the Balkans. According to him and Melissa, who in this case was representing the book, the book itself is a queer artist and feels very comfortable in this position.

“Some of straight artists are actually queer artists to some point, but they cannot realize it without being “criticized” by others that actually belong to the group, at some extend. In Balkans there is no such a queer art culture on tradition, but still this wonderful kind of art has a theory and its own respective methodology. Queer art is not well covered by media, because the lousy cultural journalists don’t go to the queer art events. Queer art is not an angry one. It’s positive and strong challenge” wrote Arber in his book review about the queer artists.

Anja had a short and compact story about the actual debates on reviewing the Slovenian family on law on very fluent English, while Rodi had a history from the late 60`s when in Albania the first gay people started to come out of the closet.

This session made clear that bunch of very interesting people with fascinating personal stories has gathered in Belgrade. The seminar looks very promising from this point.

By Arber,